Mein Fahrrad

German Bauer Gymnasts' Bicycle

Got it off eBay 3 years ago from Germany at about 1/3 value.  Only bidder, he had spelt the English word 'bicycle' wrong.  Bycicelle or some shit.

The best bit is the frame. It's used in gyms for balancing dance routines.  See the video and prepare to have your head blown off.  And you thought you were good at balancing at the traffic lights.  The pedal height is abnormally high - the tube behind the chain is almost horizontal, on racing bikes it slopes down) .  This also throws the vertical tube pedals to saddle back - it's normally vertical not diagonal.  This throws the saddle back, good for balancings acts, and gives it that beautiful long top tube.  The frame is actually really tight but takes smaller specialist wheels.  This, coupled with the straight forks, allows the front wheel to spin 360 degrees.  When it's not in the gym all this gives it a kind of 'old man' stance.  It's cool.

Would be worth owning for the hubs alone.

The gearing is <1 and I can't bring myself to change it to something normal.  So no road use but I ride in slow tiny circles around my Harley.  Like a pagan ritual.

Gymnasts' saddle, handlebars (thick enough to stand on - see the video), pedals, tyres and hubs.

Blows my mind duuude!

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