Hand Shifter

Sweet-ass shifter pin from MagnetoZoo.  Sunk it into the WR shifter knob.

Things I miss about university...


Pressure Drop

Beefed up the mounting tabs for the sole reason to be able to stand on the bike and surf down the M4 (yeah right).

Spun up an attachment for a bicycle pump and pressure tested it in the bath.

Two mini leaks, hardly worth welding up..

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Oil tank tales

If you can't go fast then at least dress for the job


Took 0.878" out of my forks in the quest for perfect stance.

Peg Leg

The twat in orange is vaguely amusing but the real viewing candy comes at the very end of the vid.


The DVLA authorised the WR to be roadworthy last week so when I got home on Friday I fired her up and blasted out on her first (legal) ride.

It was going well until the sun came down and the throttle stuck 3/4 open.  Got home easily enough just using the kill switch to regulate the speed.

Saturday wasn't quite so smooth.  The engine timing plug fell out.

Nothing a dive into the nearest pub can't sort.

But then 200 yards later a very odd shaking started coming from the engine.  The cavalry arrived.

Diagnosis:  the central clutch nut had wiggled off and embedded itself in the primary practically pulling the engine and gearbox off their mounts.

To be continued...

Garden Fresh

The other day Tony brought some old bike related photos over with him.  They were fantastic, the stories make me so jealous.  He kindly let me borrow these ones to scan in.
Tony took them around 1976 in London, he and Phil Kaufman (pictured, moustache) were in a pub and a girl came up and said hey you like bikes...  next thing they're pulling a 45 out of a garden.





Flood Street