Wet and slippy

Sitting on the roof

Smoking a Marley

When along came a wolf

On a fucking big Harley

Final Draft

My first ground-up build is finally done
Thanks go to brother Renshaw for the parts and Tony for mentoring me

Goodyear Grasshopper

Not just the tyre of choice for hardcore choppers but they were used by Harley on some of their dirt-tracker bikes.  Yes sir, damn good looking tyre.

I managed to get two, NOS for £30 each. Booya!

3.00 x 21


Last minute bits

Exhaust clamps

 Brake stay

Dead man's switch

Blotto parts

Test Ride

The master arrived to give the carb a tune up

Test rides were impressive, motor very responsive.  Steering great, the bike wants to righten back up and so feels very stable.  Kinda the opposite of a long forked flip-flop job.  Rigid forks aren't as bouncy as the haters might have thought.

It rained

Road Trip