Red Marley Hill Climb 2011

Easter Monday, Rench and I went to the Red Marley Hill Climb to check out the Class 1 pre-1950 rigid bikes, swap the chocolate fueled kids' screams for some Ethanol fueled engine screams and scope the competition with a view to compete next year (it's possible, unless you have certified chronic vertigo, the majority of Class 1 riders are over 50 and mildly tubby).  The oldest rider of the day was 75 and must have more balls than Wimbledon.

The slope gets to about 1 : 1.5 at the top just after the 'pimple' - a little dirt jump they dig into it.

1949 Jap 500 ridden by 68yr old Gerald Llewelyn

1949 Triumph Trophybird 650 ridden by 71yr old Roger Gagg

Malcolm Russell (42) came first in Class 1 (24.91s) for the second year running on this 1929 Ariel 500 Red Hunter, the oldest bike racing.

Not-quite-total-loss oil system

Ethanol conversion, one of the few modifications

1949 Norton Jap 500 ridden by 72yr old Dave Faulkner, not sure if it's technically a rigid but if I was 72 and someone questioned my legitimacy then I'd karate chop their jugular.

1948 Matchless 500 ridden by 66yr old Andy Smith

1939 BSA 410

Classes 2 & 3 were both pre-1971, under and over 350cc respectively.

Metisse bodyworks EVERYWHERE

Leigh Owen won Class 3 (20.02s) and got the fastest time of the day (19.78s) in the all-comers race on this blue 1969 Cyril Jones Jawa 500.

The car park was no Yokohama but there were a couple of vincents:

And a typically British trike:


Another pic of one of my favourite knucks

Tang of Titanium

Should the thumb metacarpal bone become damaged or misaligned it may be necessary to install a retaining device.  Great care and accuracy are needed and should be carried out by a qualified professional only.

When out cold, pull the bone into alignment and clamp firmly in place.  It may be possible to shoot retaining wires (2545-11) through the structure without removing the covering layer.  However, if any surrounding muscle fibre has been drawn into the break during re-alignment, then it will be necessary to fully dismantle, remove foreign objects and then install a titanium plate (2543-11).

In the latter case, cut down the cover along the bone line and spread with a clean clamp.  With the internals re-positioned, drill evenly spaced holes of 1.1mm radially through the undamaged area.  Position the titanium plate (2543-11) and fix with 1.5mm titanium screws, without over-torquing.  Reassemble and re-join cover with even spaced stiches.

NB:  It is advised that a running in period of six weeks is observed.  Pressure and sudden movements are to be avoided but frequent controlled exercises will prevent any permanent sticking.