The seven plagues

1.  Setting fire to once beautiful, once rock-steady hands.  Black, red, very hot, considerably shaky hands.

2.  Losing good camera.  Crap phone camera.  Poor lighting.  Holding things with one shaky hand in poor lighting and trying to take photos on crap phone with other shaky hand.

3.  Buying 25 cutting discs that are too big.

4.  Cheap bendy drill bits, crooked holes, broken drill bits.  Expensive centre drills, poorly aligned tailstock, broken centre drills.

5.  Spending too much time getting parts to line up perfectly, not tacking enough, parts drifting apart mid weld.  Achieving just the right shape, tacking enough, welding it adequately and still warping it beyond any kind of acceptable tolerances.

6.  Exploding welding tips.  Welding generally with aforementioned shaky hands.

7.  Cluster flies.

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