Linkert Attacks! UK

Featuring the DOOK ride-through bar

Henry Ford could have based his production line on our goody bag setup.  A model of efficiency.

Stef's brilliant 45 sidecar outfit

Biker shades

Our bar featured its own working distillery (nice one Stef!)

Flying meatball

 Freaky Rico

Cannot get enough of this pan!!  Check out the white engine accents mmmmgnhgh

Lurvely tyres
This man drove all the way...

...with a punture!

Shit the bar's on fire
oh wait it's just the fireman abusing the customers


Too many mechaincs spoil the pan.  Luckily Tosh can fix anything!

This dog loves barking and loves riding on the bike.  I think.  Maybe he barks because he wants some of those gay doggles.

We rode out to a pub and a couple of steam engines also turned up

a la Tosh

Alex's dual carb stroker flathead.  Inspirational!
Alex I keep wishing I had asked you more about this!  How?  What?  In the off-chance you see this PLEASE hit me up at


Sad to leave?

Original Knuck Picnic

Cycleheadz in the house

Dr Glory wouldn't approve

One man...

...and his BBQ

 Back entrance

"Here's LeeDog"

And then it was gone and all that remained was a motherload of exhaustion.