Blogspot Question ? ?

Does anybody know why my pictures are resized to 800x534 pixels when clicked on even though I'm uploading them at 3776x2520 pixels?  How do I keep them full size?


  1. Found the answer for any blog owners who might care...

    Blogspot stores your photos in picassa web albums, part of the google dynasty. Unfortunately they only give you 1GB of storage space. However, pictures under 800x800 pixels don't count, you can have unlimited, so when you reach the 1GB mark they kindly resize them for you.

    You can buy more or you can risk a 3rd party such as flikr.

    One cool thing is that you can look at an album with all your blog photos in:

  2. Thanks for getting back to us with the answer, I was curious myself.

  3. Thanks Milo...I didn't know who to ask...