Test Ride

The master arrived to give the carb a tune up

Test rides were impressive, motor very responsive.  Steering great, the bike wants to righten back up and so feels very stable.  Kinda the opposite of a long forked flip-flop job.  Rigid forks aren't as bouncy as the haters might have thought.

It rained


  1. lovin it, built a rigid front end last year, but still have'nt used it, do you have any more info on the bill nad the front end?

  2. sorry "build and the front end"

  3. yeah, the blog 'theme' is the building of that bike, there aren't that many posts. and if you click 'forks' on the right you can see how i made them. i got some clapped out 35mm forks, took the sliders off, cut the fork tube bottom tips off and lathed up some new ends which i welded in. it's probably something i wont ever do again!