Linkert Attacks 2012

Bloody good trip.

One thousand miles, loads of beer, tasty fish, nine litres of oil (various grades), not nearly enough earplugs and 'best racer'.

Apart from a minor fuel blockage, my only problem was shearing all the rivets on the wheel sprocket leaving a bar on the last evening.  Jeff found some wire and Irish Liam secured the sprocket back on.  He did it, with his helmet on, all in the time it took to tell us about the local brothers who went to a scrap yard, took three skips away to fill up, cut up two, put them in the third, covered with a rug and sold the load back to the yard.

Thanks to the French and to everyone who rode there, partied and put up with my noisy exhaust.

I forgot to charge my camera but these are the few who were around during the 10 minutes of battery life..