BP had nothing on this mess

My friend Tom bought a basket case Jap bike.  After some serious bodging we tried to get it started.

Note the super lightweight plastic petrol tank and beautifully fabricated battery tape mount.

No Luck.
Plan B - strip it down.

"Can't be that much oil in it"

"Fucking stop laughing and get another bottle!"
"They're all filled with piss.."
"Well you have about 10 seconds to get the piss out."

You have to takes about half the engine parts off before it will drop out the frame.  Ah, I miss my 45.


"Bye Bye"


Hey Tosh - one sided pannier!

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  1. Is that a cb400 four? if so looks like somebody did a heavy swingarm mod to the thing. my last bike was a "barn find" cb400f I had to bring it back from the dead. Its all about the cam chain tensioner with those basteds. badly designed and prone to waer. i modded mine to stay adjusted.
    also looks like you got an 'alpha' exhaust or something. which is good.