Like a virgin

The frame is too beautiful to be painted black, but coloured frames often look shit.  Red?  Christ no!  Yellow?  I'm not a bee.  And anything past the primary colours is a bit out my league.  But then white crept into my mind.  Birch white.  And, like those stupid rigid forks, I couldn't kill the thought.  Anyway surely realising your daydreams is the whole point?

It takes a little over 2 hrs to paint a coat.  I did three layers of primer, four layers of white and two layers of lacquer with a 1" and a 1.5" brush.  The primer and white were really thin and pre-lacquer it looked gorgeous.  But the white is water based and I had wet grass paranoia so when it came to the lacquer I was a bit heavy and it's dried ever so slightly yellow.  Insta-patina maybe.  Also the gloss finish kinda shows up the bumps a bit much, next time I'd use a matt or satin laquer but fuck knows what a satin finish looks like.

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  1. Love that Milo.....Almost the same colour as my old 71 morris minor !