Inside and out



 One coat of white

 Three coats of white


How to turn a rusty, lumpy tank white, inside and out:

Empty petrol
Weld cracks
Extinguish fire
Strip off rust and paint
Buy spare wire brush
Degrease with potent panel wipe
Mix primer, paint a coat and dry
Go back to work for a week
Order sealant kit
Wash inside with detergent
Mix rust converter
Add for 3 hours, sloshing regularly
Wash suspected sulphuric acid rust remover out of eye, thoroughly
Empty over fence in neighbour's garden
Horse around with 100g of white powdered De-Ox
Mix with warm water and add for 1 hour
Wash out with spirits
Dry thoroughly, admire hoover trick
Heat tank sealant and tank to 50oC
Congratulate yourself on finding use for infra red thermometer gun
Mix hardener and poor in tank, coating thoroughly
Worry about missed spot
Second coat of primer
Three coats of white with alternating brush directions
Two coats of laquer
Photograph and blog

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