Drink driving

Still one of the fastest ways through central London.

One-way streets, red lights, riding on the pavement, bus lanes... What they gonna do?  Take your number plate down?

This is the fastest bike I have ever owned or ridden.  Extremely rigid and light TT track frame.   As track frames are de-raked compared with normal bike frames it's agile through traffic.  And less leverage is needed so narrow bars give the best control.  Carbon-fibre front wheel is aerodynamic and has a low moment of inertia.  It also runs a tubular tyre which can hold about 200psi so there's almost no tyre rolling resistance (the main form of drag on bicycles).  48x15 gearing.  Pedal cages.  I run a rear brake only but combined with a fixed gear gives great braking feedback and sense of traction.

It's cold in London.

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