Mudguard [ˈmʌdˌgɑːd]

Got a £10 mudguard (Queen's English for fender) from Kempton.  Then got trigger happy with a cut-off disc.

Contracted TB, pneumonia and a bit of cancer from the burning paint fumes.  One small gas welding pleasure is you don't have to clean the area before hand.

Decided to up my sheet metal level from "tripped over and put a dent in it with his head" to "only got three fingers but still tries hard" by putting a wire edge around it.  Used a hammer, pliers and some 3.2mm welding rod.

Under the outer black paint I found, cream, metallic blue, red, lots of green and some fiberglass filler.  Hence the lung diseases.

Hmmm. Work in progress.

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