The Birth

The Magura throttle is a pull throttle so we made a little lever arm to flip reverse it.  Although the arm isn't really that little at the moment.  But the different holes will allow a choice of throttle response and then it can be cut down. 

 That'll do, pig.

 Poor man's generator

Decided to see if the thing might fire.  Tony wasn't there so I was kinda bricking it.

I actually forgot to prime it but on the third kick there was a splutter from the engine

4th kick

Guess who taught himself to weld?  Kids, set your flame right, not too much oxygen and don't destroy it with an angle grinder when you can use a file.

Fifth kick muddafucka!


  1. Great! I don't understand the generator does it work?

  2. i gave up trying to get my generator to work and put a little plate over the hole. it's running a mag so not exactly essential.