Romance of Rust

I was only ever going to make a mess of removing the cancerous growth from the WR tanks so the job was entrusted it to a proper surgeon.  Popular opinion was that Lance down at Romance of Rust is better than the Mayo clinic and he kindly agreed to roll up his sleeves.

There's an actual Hetchings in there!  Look closely and you can see the trademark curly rear stays on the bike behind.

The good doctor himself

This was so mangled it was rubbing the primary chain. Now it's pancake flat.

This is all new, except the tabs.  He even mimicked the wrinkles and the sloppyness of the welds.


On the right is the cancerous part that he cut out.  Used to leak faster than a blind lesbian in a fish shop.

The baffles on the inside.  All perfectly copied by Lance, naturally.

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