Buggin' out

Widow's lounge



The chronicles of flea and pincher

 Swindon Massif



Knife so blunt it couldn't cut bread

Rowdy customers




Shut up Ed

What a mental weekend.  I spent the nights flipping burgers and the days feeling hungover and hot.  Nice one Andy!


  1. You take better photos than the 'photographers'. You play better music than the 'DJs'. You're more of a biker than the 'bikers'.

    It was a pleasure hanging out with you at TTO, as ever.

  2. Cheers Guy! It's all an illusion though, I'm very boring.

  3. The Lurcher was a killer. He had brought his owner home a crow after walkies. then the next day his owner threw up his ball and hit a crow.when it hit the ground The dog was on it, razzed it up a bit then delivered it to his master.
    Fucking 'ave some!