Slow tug

Fuck the AA



This didn't work

This worked well

Conrad blew a head gasket (not his fault) tripping, on the trip back, from the trip out, dude what a trip (ok nuff bad trip jokes).  Anyway, we soldiered on and got 95% home but in a cruel twist of fate and a flare of exhaust flame, his pan died on the Hammersmith flyover, which is not a good place to die.
At school the local ruffians used to tear down the high street on a lary scooter pushing a bmx bike with an outstretched leg.  BMX bikes are a lot lighter than a fully loaded pan but it seemed like a good idea and with a boot on his ass, we just about chugged to safety.
A temporary fix got us to the Fulham road but then it was game over.  Or was it?  With only a bridge to cross we rigged up a tow rope to old faithful and I tugged him all the way home.  It was pretty scary, I have never concentrated so hard on a motorcycle.  But it worked.  And if you ever do it, attach at the center of the forks.  An asymmetrical handlebar mounting is a bit hairy, even at 5mph.


  1. ran out of fuel on the autobahn with my Guzzi. At night. In winter. Friendly Audi stopped & lectured me "zit is illegal to breakdown on the autobahn", but offered to help out. But all he had was a cable lock from his bicycle that was in the boot of his car. Not long enough to wrap around anything so with one end locked to the car, I held onto the other end. My front tyre 15cm from the back of his bumper. Not much leverage with clip-ons. My left arm stretched an extra 3cm. Had to let go a couple of times before we got to a petrol station 20 minutes away.

  2. And did you know (last time I checked the Highway Code), In Britain, it is illegal the tow a bike from a car, but bizarrely, it is Not illegal to tow a bike with a bike.