I'm so far behind with my photos on this blog that I'm cheating and starting a new one for my new project.   

Link on the right bar.

Summer clothes

Put the WL guts back in and the grasshoppers on for summer riding.  This bike is so nice to ride on the road, I can't beleive I've been slogging it out hitting molehills for so long.

Whiter shade of pale

This is the only picture I managed to snap of the bike it it's Red Marley hill climb gear.

It was fucking wild with that WR motor in.  Like wrestling a rabid bear.

Photo lifted from instagram.  Follow me @milohiscox.

Creases ruined my stickers

Tried some options but then pussied out and pulled them off

Fools at work

Carcenogens are no joke

Just when I thought I was done waiting for paint to dry...

Tweaked the gear stick


Put this on for Red Marley as the modern one wouldn't fit in the mudguard.  Looks tough, has a slight vibration on a road when heading straight.
4.00 x 19