Frame Repairs

The wheel adjuster threads had stripped on the frame.  Luckily you can tap it out to 3/8" and use a larger Knucklehead bolt.

Clutching, clutch, clutched.

Sold to the man at the back

6th Jan there are two serious motorcycle auctions in Las Vegas.  Countless boardtrackers, Vincents and Von Dutch paintjobs.  If I had won the lottery a couple of months ago when it was £113,000,000 (I actually spent £6 on tickets and won £7 so who's laughing now) I would buy these...

1934 Harley Davidson CAC, one of their first factory racers, extremely rare and could well be one of the most expensive HDs to be sold at auction.  It's all business.

Excelsior Speedway bike.  Just because it would look great sitting next to the CAC.

WR Daytona

New bike on the farm, a 1950 WR.  It's the TT version with the long distance gas tanks and aloominuminum oil tank, amongst other tweaks.

New pictures will be added to a separate page, picture link on the right.

Bombsite venturi in the Linkert.

Only had to rebuild the carb and then got it running.  The tools in the red box are Tony's Linkert cleaning rods, the lot on the left are a NOS unused set.  Mmmm...

Hill Climbing

Really want to do this next year - Red Marley hill climb.
Class 1: pre-1950 rigid

 Just need a sprocket like this one!

I heart off-roading

Even better on an Excelsior

1977 Bultaco 250

Saw this beauty for sale in Hampstead, really wish I had more cashish.

*Ahem* Dad

Vee must increese efficienzy to 110%

Learning to weld

Parcel from Jeff @ Riverside, clutch & brake pedal assemblies with a couple of Aussie rags thrown in (thanks Jeff).  The vast majority of 45 chops and WR racers disposed of the straps and front rod building a pedal setup around the rear support rod but I'm going to use stock controls for now, see if they don't look too stupid without the foot-boards.

Tony helped re-build the gearbox (again).

Putting the engine in!

Rise of the bicycle

       Bicycles have been trendy for a while now but only recently have prices got to silly levels.  Here's one that just ended on eBay:

       I bought my first track bike on eBay for £50 including postage from Newcastle.  I could probably sell one its pedals for that now.  Instead I'll just keep it until it corrodes away or until the hipsters are riding penny-farthings and nobody wants it.  I'm smart like that.


If you're featured in a magazine you're meant to slag it off but when you live in the middle of the English countryside with no old guys' stashes and no Davenport swap meets, you sometimes thank God for eBay.