2nd time this has happened

 Someone has been sorely disappointed!

WAPG Steam Rally Part 2

Sunday it rained hard

 The 'tractor boys' were loving it

 One loaded

One unloaded

Drama.  The enormous green tractor was pushing it up onto the low-loader.  Not helped by the monsoon, the rear wheels slipped right off and the driver flung to the road!

All safely loaded.  Fortunately no damage to engine or driver.

Biggest tractor I've ever seen

WAPG Steam Rally Part 1

 Saturday was sunny

This is the turbo knob.  It dumps a whole load of steam through the engine.  Useful for towing 50 ton loads or scaring spectators in the ring.

 Watch out crims, the rozzers are equiped.


Fame! Fortune! Blog traffic!

If you've just come from the fantastic ***卍peed卍eekers*** blog then feel free to turn around and go back, I can't really handle the responsibility of having more than three followers.

Who am I kidding?  I live for the stats page!

Danger Glove


These are my motorcycling gloves.  I know what you're thinking, that man's right at the forefront of biker fashion trends.  Had you noticed the white pinstriping?  Pure business.  Anyway... the last time I wore these gloves I fell off in a particularly undramatic manner and broke my thumb.

Recently I wore the gloves again and when I took them off a seam had left an imprint in my hand JUST below where the break was - you can just make out the scar above it.

So there it is - fashion broke my thumb.  Or maybe I just don't get enough milk.  Whaddya think, can I sue the fuckers?  Did the seam contribute?  Do I need softer gloves?

The state of London transport

Formerly known as 'SOLO MOTORCYCLES ONLY'

 Spotted this not-so-rare breed at Paddington station

Clod Buster

For Children

Squeal piggy

Return & Vent


 This bit stops the rubber hose from touching the exhaust

Banjo fittings are repro for a 36-37 big twin.  I put the deliverance soundtrack on full volume and finished the oil system in double speed.

Fred Armitage, aged 4, chopper builder




Old cycling knitwear beats leather pants and denim vests hands down