Boxing Day

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New project bike arrived from Ohio.

1932 VL frame
1939 U bottom end
1936 VLH cylinders 80"
1939 UL gearbox
Chopper goodies galore

UL + VL = UV

Birch White

Police Electra

Police servi car

Tyre Rim Sizes

If you're ever wondering what rim sizes to get for your tyres then follow these simple guidlines:


For a 4.00x19 tyre, 4x18 tyre or any old 4" tyre, use a...

WM 2 rim
(1.85" inside)

You can use a WM3 rim BUT the tyre will look a bit stretched and won't have the nice balloon look.

For me, the 4.00x18 tyres are perfectly proportioned, especially for a chop.  The 4.50s are a bit too big and square on a zig zag Firestone.  Maybe a Firestone ANS (with the lego tread) might look better in a 4.50.  The ANS's also make an almighty squeal when you lock up the rear wheel.


For a 3.00" tyre, such as the common 21" avon speedmasters / on speed / pee masters.. should use a WM1 rim.

The WM2 will be too wide.  This is on a WM1 and it looks perfect, I definitely wouldn't want a wider rim but different tyres may differ...

And yeah so what I wanted to show off my Grasshopper tyres again.  But whatever you probably don't care because you don't have a trye fetish like me.
The Borranis were the first motorcycle parts I ever bought.

BP had nothing on this mess

My friend Tom bought a basket case Jap bike.  After some serious bodging we tried to get it started.

Note the super lightweight plastic petrol tank and beautifully fabricated battery tape mount.

No Luck.
Plan B - strip it down.

"Can't be that much oil in it"

"Fucking stop laughing and get another bottle!"
"They're all filled with piss.."
"Well you have about 10 seconds to get the piss out."

You have to takes about half the engine parts off before it will drop out the frame.  Ah, I miss my 45.


"Bye Bye"


Hey Tosh - one sided pannier!