Spin Doctor

This is the exhaust as of yesterday.  Tall and slim but a bit plain Jane.  So today I gave the tip a bit of bling.

Successfully popped my spinning cherry. Woop! (finally)

Loving these two panheads


Find the leak

This is a fun little game I like to call 'find the leak'.

I'm like the Sherlock Holmes of petrol drips.


On the road again, just can't wait to get oh shut up

Experimenting with exhaust angles

-  Hello?
-  Yeah it's me
   I wanna give you some good angles
   180, 26, 345...
-  What? I don't
-  209, 18, 75
-  Seventy five?
-  Yeah
-  I'm coming over.

Speaking of which...

Check the rear shocks - pure Loony Tunes!


There are two secrets to a successful carb rebuild.  Firstly, start with a near-pristine specimen.  Secondly, find someone with more experience and a load of spares to do it for you.

Tarted up with a 'rubber ducky' float she's ready to go

Aermacchi Project

45chop and 23bricks collaboration.  Will it be a hill-climber, ice-racer or pile of parts in the corner?

Progressive suspension


and power steering!

Red Marley Norton

Saw this incredible Norton power up the hill at Red Marley.  Tried to find it in the Paddock but alas, all was in vain.  Like an elusive, drilled big-foot all I ended the day with was a blurred, over-exposed, five second filum.

Fortunately there are better trackers out there and haze5555 found the beast.  Via CorpsesFromHell.