GoodWood Revival

The Ferrari GTO 250's:

Ludovic & Dad

Back stage passes

Ludovic's ride - the first racing E-type

ooh a celebrity yey!!  Ewan McGreggor


Better than spitfires

Such a beautiful engine

Hitler's Silver Arrows:

A rear engined one - designed by Ferdinand Porsche

The driver's mess

Lord Marsh

Goodwood revival was a serious mind warp.  If you've never been, it's a fully blown weekend of vintage car racing and dressing like a bad 1950s movie.  Our host and racing driver extroadinaire was kind enough to lend us his spare drivers passes so we were all in the paddocks and pits and generally in the way asking stupid questions.

Most of the world's best cars were present and racing.  I'm no car guy but in one paddock there was over £600miillion worth of four wheels. The Eurotrash were loving it.  There are 24 Ferrari GTO 250's still in existence, valued at about $30million each and 19 out of the 24 were there and were racing.

The best cars had to be Hitler's Silver Arrows.  Hitler thought racing driving was a really Arian pure sport and so he pumped a lot of money into it before the war.  The result were the Silver Arrows - 600bhp and capable of 200mph.  In the 30s!  They were all there, all racing.  The first time they've all been together since the war.  The noise was terrifying.