Blogspot Question ? ?

Does anybody know why my pictures are resized to 800x534 pixels when clicked on even though I'm uploading them at 3776x2520 pixels?  How do I keep them full size?

Sportster upgrades continued..

Got some NOS rear shocks from the XL1200S for a really good price.  Larger diameter with a gas reservoir and adjustable compression and rebound (two settings I won't know what to do with)

(By the way, painting the brakelight bulb red because the lens fell out doesn't really work, it just looks off white..)

Electric start

Saw this on eBay recently, a cast electric start housing for a 45" gearbox.  Not 100% sure how it drives the box..

Sportster upgrades

My first trip after changing to the older style sportster tank I ran out of petrol on the motorway with no phone battery.  After that I tended to get really paranoid and fill up at every petrol station I saw.

Phase 1 of the upgrades - install some kind of clever petrol metering device

Thanks to Tosh for the welding!

Snot slick

I've looked at this bike a thousand times but only just noticed how sexy the exausts are! - for more great photos